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As a professional organisation the Leicestershire and Rutland Business Club has a format & etiquette that it expects all Members must adhere to:


  • Meetings will generally be held every other Tuesday (7.30am – 8.30 am)
  • There will be no duplication of a members trade / service sector within the group
  • Subscriptions will be £20.00 per month
  • A Committee of five members will oversee Club activities; one member is nominated as Chairperson
  • The Committee members are elected annually by the Club


  • Members will endeavour to attend all meetings; a substitute can attend if a member is unable
  • Members accept that if they do not attend regularly, without sending a substitute, the committee may review their membership
  • Members must arrive promptly for the start of the meeting
  • Members agree to be honest and to provide value for money for all work undertaken
  • Members will endeavour to provide leads to other members of the Club
  • Members will endeavour to promote the Club to encourage new members
  • Members will allow the Committee to handle the day-to-day running of the Club