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A networking alternative for local accountants

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As an accountant, how do you currently network?

Do you enjoy this part of the job you enjoy, or do you dread every meet-up?Accountants are usually part of the vital ‘behind-the-scenes team’ – not the extrovert ‘sales’ types. Many are thankful that the ‘old school tie’ rounds of golf, or country club lunches, seem to be decreasing as a networking norm. But some of the alternatives are just as time consuming, can be costly and come with their own trials. At the Leicester and Rutland Business Club, we have eliminated the worst elements of other events, namely: mandatory referrals, fake interactions and endless small talk. None of that here, just other people like you looking for a supportive and fruitful business community.

Why is LRBC particularly useful for accountants?

As registered accountants, your professional organisations offer many CPD and networking events during the year. Whether it’s the AAT, ICAEW, ACCA, AIA, CIMA or the IFA, you get loads of quality training to keep your skills sharp and knowledge current. You’re even lucky enough to get further information and guidance from your respective trade magazines.

It’s great to meet up with others in your industry while attending courses or conferences and is one way to build your reputation. The problem is that you only meet other people in the accountancy field and that’s probably not where your next clients are coming from. LRBC is a way to connect with businesses that are all different to yours and can refer your services when appropriate.

Three reasons why you should join LRBC:

  1. Save time and money

There is a small monthly subscription fee and no joining cost. Meetings are every alternate Tuesday 7.30am – 8.30am. That’s only two billable hours per month. Given that you already have mandatory hours of CPD to attend, this is a very time efficient way to network, especially as meetings are before usual office hours begin.

  1. Build trust

Trustworthiness is one of the essential qualities of a good accountant. Your clients trust you enough to share highly confidential information with you and follow your advice. Having regular meetings means that members of LRBC can build trust between each other and have confidence recommending members to potential clients.

  1. Friendly atmosphere

We don’t see why business networking has to be a dour affair. Our meetings are structured within a friendly environment where everyone has a chance to share their knowledge and ask advice from the group. No one expects ‘special treatment’ or a discounted rate just because you are part of the club.

Any reason why I can’t join?

LRBC does have a rule to say that there is only one of each type of business at any one time. This avoids any awkward competitive situations. Obviously, there are sometimes overlaps between businesses which are ironed out by the individuals involved. You can have a look at our current members here and see if you would like to fill our ‘accountant’ spot. Club membership includes your own section on the website.

Firm business handshake

We’d love to welcome you to our next meeting as a visitor, to see if you think we’re a good fit. Meetings are held at the lovely Pera building in Melton Mowbray, where there is free parking and breakfast is included. For more details, give us a call on 01644 454066, or have a look at the website.

Alison Neal

Alison Neal

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