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Gardening and Landscaping Industry Networking Opportunity

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If you provide gardening and landscaping services, then you are probably inundated with work at the moment with this surprisingly long stretch of summer weather. Hopefully, this is making up for the effects the atrocious spring weather had on sales. Like many jobs that are impacted by the weather, you appreciate the extra work when it comes. But you also know you can’t take your eye off the ball in terms of being prepared for the slower months and that’s where the Leicestershire and Rutland Business Club can help.

Who are the Leicestershire and Rutland Business Club (LRBC)?

The Leicestershire and Rutland Business Club has the same aim as every networking organisation – to grow members’ businesses. The main differences to other business club formats are: we don’t have a referral ‘targets’ system and you are not automatically obliged to give discounts to other members.

We are a group of local businesses, from a range of different sectors, just like you. The regular meetings allow you to make real connections with people you are then confident to recommend. For a commitment of only two hours per month and a small monthly fee, you become part of a great local networking set-up.

There are only two main eligibility criteria:

  1. You work in Leicestershire or Rutland.
  2. There is only one representative of each industry allowed to join at any one time. This avoids competition for business between members. Obviously, there are some overlaps between professionals in particular industries and these can be accommodated if both parties are in agreement. Here is a full list of our current members. You might already know some of us!

Gardening and Landscaping Industry opportunity

We don’t currently have a member of the club that is a professional gardener or landscaper and we’d love to have someone to pass referrals to. We do have members from several other trades, whose clients are often looking to hire someone from your industry as part of the other work they are getting done.

Photo of a Japanese Garden created by landscaping and gardening experts

Your field carries such a range of professionals within it: garden designers, landscape contractors, interior landscapers, gardeners, landscapers, grounds maintenance contractors and suppliers to the industry. Whilst you get information and support from your professional bodies like APL and BALI, the LRBC adds the extra dimension of a local business community. It can be tricky to juggle all the elements of running your business, especially if you’re a sole trader, and people find that the LRBC offers a respectful place to air worries and ask questions.

What are you waiting for?

We’d love to welcome you as a visitor to one of our meetings, just to check it out with no obligation to join. We’re a friendly bunch and operate professionally structured meetings with an informal atmosphere. Check out the website for more information, membership includes your own spot on there. LRBC meet twice monthly, on alternate Tuesdays at the Pera Business Park in Melton Mowbray. There is plenty of free parking on site and, as the meeting time is 7.30am-8.30am, breakfast is included. Look forward to seeing you there!

Welcome sign for the garden,with two children on a bicycle as part of the sign.

Alison Neal

Alison Neal

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