Design Consultation – One Of The Most Pleasing Aspects Of Picture Framing

One of the most pleasing aspects of Picture Framing is the design consultation. This is when a customer presents you with their item and you discuss it and help them choose the best treatments and frame to protect and enhance it. Generally, everything we do is non-invasive and reversible but occasionally something comes along that is high value and delicate.

Recently, one of our regular customers brought in a very impressive red box stamped with the Royal ER insignia. It contained a piece of vellum petition for a newly granted coat of arms and wax seals with a very specific design brief. Ironically, this highest of value pieces required no consultation of the design, just a picture of the framing requirements.

So working with the restrictions of a high-value piece, surrounded by gold framing, a background of blue velvet and 99% UV light protective glass we could proceed.

 Vellum though virtually permanent lasting suffers heavily is it gets wet.

Using the photographs provided, dividers and a calculator, we worked out the overall dimensions. Adhesives and tapes were not allowed to the first job were to flatten it and secure it within an inner frame and PH Neutral backing. This isolated the vellum, holding its shape and protecting the edges whilst cutting gaps for the hanging ribbons. Then we prepared the background in blue velvet and secured the inner frame, wax seals, and lids to it. The next stage was to cut and assemble the outside frame, fit the glass and build the sides up with matching blue velvet before final assembly.

Final inspections and then finish off with the protective backing and hanging accessories. Ready for collection and hopefully a very satisfied customer.

Jon Allen


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