25th February 2019
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The business section of the internet is full to the brim with ‘how to explain your business’ articles. So, for a change, we’re taking the idea from the opposite direction. This is a guide for businesses who want to completely confuse potential clients and make sure that they absolutely do not want to buy your

14th January 2019
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At the start of most LRBC meetings, each member gets a chance to present their 60 second pitch. It’s a useful way for everybody to get to know each other’s businesses, so we can spot even more referral opportunities. But how do you squeeze everything you want to say about yourself into a mere 60

13th October 2017
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By 2020, HMRC’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative will mean that businesses and individual taxpayers can access their own tax affairs online via digital tax accounts. This new digital world brings both challenges and opportunities for bookkeepers and accountants Article submitted by: