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Calling all self employed business owners in Leicestershire and Rutland

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Have you considered joining the Leicestershire and Rutland Business Club?


Who are Leicestershire and Rutland Business Club?

We are an established group of like-minded business people who meet up to pass on business and share specialist knowledge. All our members are reliable, trusted and local to the Leicestershire and Rutland area. The club has been going for eight years and has a proven track record of generating referrals and leads.


We see no reason why business meetings have to be sombre affairs and encourage a sociable atmosphere within our professional framework.


Why is the LRBC useful to a self employed business person like me?

Being self employed has many things to recommend it: freedom to direct your own path, not answerable to management, flexibility…and whatever personal reasons that made you decide to be your own boss. But, as we all know, there are different pressures associated with being self employed, no matter what type of business you run.


The LRBC offers the solution to three issues commonly faced by the self employed:

1.Generating new business

Making contacts, building ‘networks’, pitching – all of these elements are very time consuming and can take time to generate a good yield. At the LRBC you have an instant network of people who are able to recommend you because they understand your business offering.


This is especially reassuring if you are launching a new business, or are new to the Leicestershire and Rutland area. It can be tricky to know where to start in amongst cold pitching and random ‘networking events’. At LRBC, you know where you are with a regular meeting agenda and can build long term relationships with the members.


Self employed business owners networking represented by group of people fist bumping

It’s OK…we don’t actually do any fist bumping!


Membership also entitles you to a spot on the club’s newly redesigned website and the opportunity to post your own blog articles. A great chance to boost your online presence.


 2. Me, myself and I

“Yes, I’m doing it all on my own!” she beamed.

“Yes, I’m doing it all on my own,” he groaned.

Whereabouts are you on this scale?


self employed business owner multitasking


Most business owners experience the full range of emotions along this scale, depending on their current circumstances. One way to alleviate this particular negative is by belonging to the LRBC. It means that you are not entirely on your own. This is the supportive aspect, with members passing along informal advice. Just the sympathetic nodding in acknowledgement of shared experience can be welcome encouragement. It’s a great mutual arrangement because at another meeting you’ll give the same support to other members.


3. Finding experts you can trust

You are a specialist in your business, but no one’s an expert in everything. It is inevitable that you will require the services of experts in other fields; and it always feels like quite a risk when hiring someone you don’t know. The LRBC has members from a variety of sectors that are all local, reliable business people that you will get to know as you attend more meetings. Being able to trust the people working with you really minimises the stress factor.


trusted self employed business owner


Eligibility Criteria

There are very few restrictions to joining the LRBC.

You are:

  • Based in the Leicestershire and Rutland area
  • Any type of business: sole trader, SME, limited company
  • Any premises: work from home, online, shop, office, mobile, site-based
  • Freelancer, independent, contractor…whatever you call yourself is fine with us!
  • Ready to share your expertise
  • Open to joining a group of friendly faces and increase everyone’s business!


The main restriction we have, to avoid internal competition for work, is that we only allow one of each type of business. You can check our current members here to make sure you don’t clash with anyone.


Good to know…

  • No up-front joining costs, only an affordable monthly membership fee.
  • No referral targets to meet
  • Breakfast included!


How do I join?

We meet in the easily accessible Pera Business Park on alternate Tuesdays, 7.30 – 8.30 am. It’s a lovely, comfortable meeting room and there is free parking on the premises.

Just fill in an inquiry form on our website, or give us a call on 01664 454066. You can check us out by coming along to a meeting as a visitor, with no commitment to join; just have a look and see if it’s for you. We look forward to meeting you!


Photo credit: Pixabay


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